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HI8 to DVD

HI8 TO DVD / DIGITAL SERVICEHi8 Conversion Service

We can convert your hi8 camcorder tapes to DVD or a range of digital video file formats including MPEG-2 & MP4. Hi8 tapes have a limited lifespan and can easily incur damage if they have not been stored properly or have been played repeatedly (it’s often the most beloved tapes we see with the most damage). By transferring your Hi8 tapes to DVD or digital format you will ensure you can continue to enjoy your home movies and their precious memories for years to come and in a format where playback will not damage the video.


Prices start from £15 for a single tape to DVD, however, to keep customer prices low we combine multiple tapes to a single disc. Given that a DVD can store up to 2 hours of footage and most tapes are rarely full we can often integrate up to 4 tapes on 1 disk at a reduced rate. Unlike other companies, we only charge for the actual amount of footage on each tape rather than the number of tapes. Please contact us for more information. We also provide a bulk order rate for customers with 20 tapes or more.

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With our DVD’s we hope to not just preserve your home movies but to enhance them as well. All our DVD’s come with custom cover art and an interactive menu system with individual titles and chapters to allow you to jump into your movies at any given point. We hope to provide you with an enhanced version of your tapes, highlighting all the best moments. As part of our service we edit out any unwanted TV shows, fuzziness between scenes or extended periods of recording with the lens cap on (we’ve all done it!) to ensure a tidier, smoother version of your memories. For more information please contact us.

Convert Hi8 Tapes to Digital Files

In addition to DVDs we can transfer your Hi8 tapes to a range of digital video formats including MPEG-2 & MP4. Whether you wish to view, store, share or edit the videos we can advise on the best format for your requirements. Likewise, if you are a PC or Mac user we can advise on the format that best suits your choice of operating system.

Digital files are suitable for streaming and sharing on the internet and are a cost effective option at only £12 per tape or £6 if ordered alongside DVD’s.

Files are ideal for storing your memories, editing to make your own movies or to share them digitally with family and friends via the internet. Simply send your tapes with a copy of our order form and we will do the rest.

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Contact us with your order details and we will help you in any way we can. Or simply package up your tapes and send them to us with a copy of our order form and we will get in touch with you as soon as they arrive with an order reference and a timescale for turnaround.


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