Convert Your Cherished Audio To CD Or MP3


Vinyl to Digital is an Audio Conversion service that specialises in converting older forms of analogue media such as vinyl LP’s, EP’s, cassette tapes, audio reels (reel-to-reel). We have been operating since 1999 and have worked with everyone from TV & radio stations and the BBC to ordinary folks just looking to transfer some rare vinyl.


Before long people started bringing along VHS tapes and smaller tapes from video camera’s and asking for these to be converted to DVD. Terry had a good grasp on audio due to a life long love of music and high end musical equipment yet video was not really his thing. Luckily, Terry’s son Marcus had just finished a BSC honours degree in Computer Science and was something of a film buff.

So, much like the audio we soon took on everything from rare VHS tapes to a full range of video camera tapes and the video side of the business was born. Before long Marcus’ wife Emma came on board and took over the video conversion side of things relegating Marcus to sales, marketing and ensuring the technical side of the business kept ticking over which with around 20 workstations to keep happy and an ever growing array of record players, cameras, camcorders was also a job in itself.


To understand the business we have to go further back to around 1995 when Terry Miller first decided he wanted to transfer some of his classic vinyl to CD so he could listen in the car. Before long albums (and boxes of albums) were piling up from friends and relatives and that soon became friends & relatives of friends and relatives.

It did not stop at vinyl though and an audiophile all his life Terry was soon converting reel-to-reel tapes, cassette tapes and even gramophone records. Soon enough, Terry decided he needed to give up his day job and focus on converting peoples audio to CD. Then, before long with the onset of the iPod requests started to tumble in for MP3’s.


This business was born from our own desire to improve the accessibility and preserve our own audio and video memories. Tape formats are unfortunately fallible where digital formats can last from 100 years to infinity and beyond when they are stored on a computer or even a cloud storage system.

Ultimately we understand that these memories are precious and we treat them as though they were our own. Whether it is rare vinyl, precious videos of the kids growing up or relatives no longer with us you can be sure we will advise you on the options and provide the best level of service and communication throughout the process. We will advise you on the best formats, how to get your package to us and we will then keep you up-to-date by email and SMS throughout the process.


Often imitated but never bettered we believe we are the oldest and best audio and video conversion service in the UK. The business was born out of our own desire to preserve our memories and we treat every order as if it was our own. Over the years we have seen a never ending array of competitors come and go but only Vinyl to Digital stands the test of time.

Please visit our contact page and get in touch with any questions – whether you are unsure what you need or just want to get an idea of costs then either Emma, Chris, Terry or Amy will be more than happy to help!

Where we have questions or are not sure if you really want that old recording of the chart show or coronation street from 25 years ago we will always call and run you through the contents of a tape – after all you likely have not got a record player or VHS video player any longer.

We look forwards to preserving your memories soon!

The Vinyl to Digital Team